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Wal-Mart Employees Breathe Freely, Often Move at Will

Little Rock, Arkansas – Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. chief executive Lee Scott is out to bolster the image of the gigantic company, having launched a series of print ads intended to point up positive attributes of the chain.

“There are lots of positives. Restrooms, for example,” Scott said, speaking by phone. “We offer air, water, the freedom to walk around on Fridays. We want to get that truth out there, and repair this falsely tarnished image.”

John Herckmen, a former Wal-Mart employee, was run over and killed in the parking lot outside the Birmingham, Alabama store he stocked shelves in. He was then told to go back to work. When he did not return, he was fired for poor performance.

But Annie McClusky, who shops at the Birmingham store, said the incidence doesn’t mean she should have to pay high prices. “I mean, I like my cheese-nips, and I’m sorry a man died and all, but I’m saving 50 cents every damn time. I mean, come on here.”

Wal-Mart Employees Breathe Freely, Often Move at Will