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Sony Hoping No One Notices It Keeps Releasing Same Trilogy

Culver City, CA – On the eve of the release of its fifth Spider-Man movie in the last 12 years, Sony executives are hoping to once again pull the wool over the eyes of America’s film-going public and conceal the fact that they keep releasing the same trilogy every few years or so, according to an executive with Sony who prefers to remain anonymous.

“It’s gone pretty well so far,” the executive said. “We released the current trilogy, with Andrew [Garfield] right on the heels of the one with Tobey [Maguire] ending, and that seemed to go okay.”

The executive confirmed the current series of films will stop at three, and said plans are already underway for another reboot of the franchise, following this one.

“We’re already working on the next reboot, which will be a reboot of this reboot, I guess,” the executive said. “And then we’re hoping to reboot that, as well, and then just keep doing that perpetually, until either it stops making money or mankind destroys the earth.”