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Who Was Shot Today in Florida?

With so many shootings in the state of Florida, it can be hard to keep track and stay informed. That’s why The National Protrusion has unveiled a new feature, Who Was Shot Today in Florida? The following is a list of the day’s Florida shooting victims.

  • Bruce Devlin, 41. Shot by Andrew Mendle, 54. Mr. Devlin and Mr. Mendle were sharing an elevator inside a large shopping complex, when Mr. Mendle said Mr. Devlin began “breathing very loudly,” which annoyed him. He took out his legally registered handgun and shot Mr. Devlin in the head, at which point he stopped breathing altogether.
  • Marcus Johnson, 21. Shot by Harold Evans, 61. Mr. Evans saw Mr. Johnson walking past his home and said he “looked suspicious,” which is another way of saying he was black. Mr. Evans shot Mr. Johnson twice with a 12-gauge shotgun, but Mr. Johnson survived and is recovering in an area hospital.
  • Eleanor Hickenlooper, 82, and Alan Folsom, 33. Shot by one another. Ms. Hickenlooper was approaching Mr. Folsom while both were walking on a quiet sidewalk, Ms. Hickenlooper with the aid of her walker. Mr. Folsom said he became sure that Ms. Hickenlooper “wanted trouble,” and he told her to stop her approach. Ms. Hickenlooper didn’t hear him, as she lost most of her hearing years ago. Mr. Folsom said he felt threatened when Ms. Hickenlooper continued walking towards him, took out a handgun and opened fire. After being hit several times, Ms. Hickenlooper took out her own firearm, which she had strapped to her walker, and shot Mr. Folsom dead, before expiring herself.

This post will be updated with today’s late-day shooting information.