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Rookie Pitcher Opts for Controversial Johnny Tom Surgery

Baltimore, MD – Keith Nance, the Orioles’ 23-year-old rookie right-hander, has decided he will undergo Johnny Tom surgery, to repair an injured ligament in his pitching arm. Some people claim the procedure is unproven and even experimental. Nance said he researched the more popular Tommy John surgery, which dozens of pitchers before him have opted for, but decided on the newer Johnny Tom surgery.

“I looked at the options and it just seemed like the Johnny Tom was more fit for my needs,” Nance said. “I spoke with my family and my doctor, and we all agreed that it was the way to go. So, I’m hopeful and I’m feeling good about it.”

The surgery is named after famed relief pitcher Johnny Tom, who injured a ligament in his pitching arm while reaching for a bag of sunflower seeds.