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Obama Considers Selling Biden to Japan for Cash and Goods

Washington – President Barack Obama is reportedly considering a plan to sell Vice President Joe Biden to Japan for an undisclosed amount of cash and goods. Mr. Obama said he has not made a final decision, but that all options are on the table in the current financial crisis, even “selling the Vice President, if it will help.”

“I met with my economic team this morning,” Mr. Obama said. “And we agreed that a move like that, selling Joe to Japan, if it can bring a cash infusion into the U.S. economy, help to jump-start it in some way, then it has to be considered.”

Asked what he thought Mr. Biden might be worth, Mr. Obama said, “I don’t know the going rate for vice presidents, but he has to be able to fetch a pretty good price. He’s been a Senator a long time, he’s well-known. Handsome. He should bring in a decent amount, I would think.”

Mr. Biden had no comment.