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Obama Meets with Bank Executives to Ask for Better Pin Number

Washington – President Barack Obama met with the CEOs of some of the nation’s major banks at the White House to ask them for a better pin number for various personal accounts of his. According to meeting participants, the president said he was unhappy with his current pin numbers, which he called “run-of-the-mill and random.”

“I was assigned the pin by the bank, like everyone else,” the president is quoted as saying to Vikram Pandit, CEO of Citibank, by a participant in the meeting. Mr. Obama holds a savings account with Citibank. “And then when I tried to change it, to 44-1600 — because I’m the 44th President of the United States and I work at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I was told that pin number was taken by some guy named Larry in Connecticut. Now, I’m fairly certain Larry isn’t the President of the United States. So, I’m also fairly certain that it won’t be a problem to work this out.”

Mr. Obama holds several accounts with other banks, whose executives were also present. According to participants in the meeting, Mr. Obama asked each executive to give him the same pin number for all of his accounts.

One executive, who requested anonymity for fear of upsetting the White House and the president, said, “I thought we were meeting to go over details of how we plan to pay back the money we were lent by the government. But I guess…I guess we really were called here to talk about the president’s pin numbers.”