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Obama’s Afghanistan Troop Decision – NPN

Sheila Magnanimous and NP News ask the tough questions. This week, it’s whether President Obama is taking too long to decide on Afghanistan troop levels. Joining Sheila is House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio.


Magnanimous: Good evening. Is President Obama taking too long to make a decision on troop levels in Afghanistan?

Joining us now is someone who thinks he is. House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio. Congressman Boehner, thank you for joining us.

Congressman Boehner: Thank you for having me.

Magnanimous: So why do you say the president is taking too long?

Boehner: Well, Sheila, the fact is, we’re not Communists in this country. We don’t deliberate, listen to opposing points of view, consider our options. We decide. Quickly and decisively.

Magnanimous: But–

Boehner: Even if the decision is a bad one. In fact, I would say we’re especially good at making quick terrible decisions. We excel at that. For example, this morning, I made a decision to leave my house without pants. Now, some would say that was a bad decision. My neighbor, in fact, told me he thought it was a bad decision, in no uncertain terms.

Magnanimous: Um–

Boehner: But I made the decision. I committed to it. I made it decisively, and let me tell you, I made it quickly. Because as an American, that’s what I do. I make terrible decisions quickly. And the president needs to do that. He needs to make a decisive decision.

Magnanimous: Congressman, are you wearing pants now?

Boehner: I have just made a decisive decision not to answer that question.