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NightNite – Military Spending vs. Domestic Spending presents NightNite, an in-depth look at the issues most important to Americans. Tonight, an examination of the difference between military spending and domestic spending.


Host: Good evening. President Obama has announced he will add 30,000 American troops to aid the war effort in Afghanistan. The estimated cost is $30 billion for the first year. Luckily, that money is not counted towards the national budget deficit, nor is any spending on any matter related to the Defense Department. The amount owed in these cases is written in an invisible ink, and after a few weeks, it fades away, so that the lender in question, usually China, can’t see the amount. Unfortunately, domestic priorities like education and health care reform use regular ink, which doesn’t disappear, so they add to the deficit.

When we come back, new fighter jets commissioned by the Defense Department can’t be seen by radar, by satellite, or unfortunately, by any of the United States military personnel charged with maintaining their whereabouts.