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Parents Hope Child Will Develop Several Meaningful Antibodies at Day Care

Maplewood, NJ – Alan and Amy Brandt are excited for their son, Cody, to go to day care. They know he’ll make a lot of new friends, learn new socialization skills and receive music and art lessons. But it’s more than that. Alan and Amy are excited that Cody’s little body will develop many new antibodies that will help stave off infection and disease in the future.

“We know he’s just going to catch all kinds of things,” Amy said. “And that means he’ll build up antibodies to whatever those things are, which means he won’t get those same things in the future. It’s exciting.”

Alan agrees.

“Day care is necessary for us, because we both work, and it’s a great way for Cody to meet other kids his own age and learn how to interact,” he said. “But really, I’m so looking forward to him coming home with some kind of odd viral infection that doctors here have hardly heard of, so that he can build up resistance to it.”

“I just can’t wait,” Amy said, “for those B lymphocytes to make those little guys and fight off all those nasty, evil infections!”