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McCain’s Sarah Palin Bounce and Aerial Wolf Hunting – The Henry “Mack Truck” Harvey Show

The Mack Truck discusses a very personal reason that he shares Sarah Palin’s support for hunting wolves. A transcript follows the jump.

HENRY: Yes, this is The Henry “Mack Truck” Harvey Show. Welcome.

McCain is up in the polls, thanks to the Sarah Palin bounce.

First caller is Alan from Lancaster. Alan, go ahead.

CALLER: Yeah, I think Palin’s just a complete sham. She’s not what she says she is.

Like, on the environment. She’s not Green. She’s in favor of hunting wolves from helicopters.

HENRY: So? So am I.

CALLER: You’re in favor of hunting wolves from helicopters?

HENRY: I’m in favor of hunting wolves from anywhere.

What’s so great about wolves?

They eat people.

You know, I wasn’t going to go into this, because it’s a very intensely personal story, but my grandmother, when I was a boy, was eaten by a wolf.

There I was with my basket of goodies for grandma, walking through the forest, and when I get to Grandma’s house, there’s no grandma; there’s just a wolf.

CALLER: That’s “Little Red Riding Hood.”

HENRY: He ate my grandmother. Imagine that. Imagine being told that a wolf ate your grandmother. Imagine being told by the wolf.


CALLER: That’s a children’s story. It’s a fairy tale.

HENRY: Well, to this child, it was very real, my friend. Very real.

It was no fairy tale. No children’s story. Oh, yeah, what a great story. Remember the one about when Grandma got eaten? Tell me that one again, mommy. Tell me how she’s in the small intestine, being digested. I love that story.

CALLER: This is insane.

HENRY: I say get ’em, and get ’em good. And this one’s for grandma, you sons of bitches.