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McCain Opposes Newest McCain Proposal

Minneapolis, MN – Presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain said today he “strongly opposes” a proposal made by John McCain regarding nuclear energy. McCain made a proposal Wednesday that the United States should invest in up to 45 new nuclear reactors by 2030. Today he said he opposes that proposal, though it was unclear if he was aware it was his proposal in the first place.

“This proposal is wrongheaded and is not a long-term solution of any kind to our energy problems,” McCain told reporters aboard his campaign bus. “I believe Senator McCain said yesterday that nuclear energy is safe and clean and therefore is a viable alternative to fossil fuels. But I haven’t seen enough evidence that the storage problems and the safety problems are all worked out. So I think it’s just a mistake to propose such a thing, at least at this point.”

When reporters pointed out that the “McCain” in question was actually him, Mr. McCain laughed, as if the reporters were playing some kind of joke. “Well, that’s an interesting way to look at it. I like your sense of humor,” McCain said. “That I am Senator McCain myself… That’s a funny way to look at it. But no, thankfully, it’s not true. And one of the reasons it’s not true is that I would never suggest something like this. So we’re just worlds apart, the Senator and myself.”

A reporter then showed McCain the front page of one of today’s newspapers, which had a picture of McCain next to the headline, “McCain Proposes U.S. Build New Nuclear Plants.”

“Uh huh, uh huh,” McCain said, nodding, looking at the article. “Yeah, well, there you go. It’s in print. What he proposed. So he can’t back away from it now.”

The reporter said, “No, no. That’s–That’s you in the picture, Senator. That’s you there.”

McCain looked at the reporter and laughed again. He said, “My good man, please. With all due respect, I am much more handsome than Senator McCain. I may not know everything, but I know that much.”