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McCain Hurls Bob Schieffer at Obama

Hempstead, NY – The third and final debate between presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama abruptly ended when Senator McCain shocked the crowd in attendance and those watching at home, by suddenly picking up moderator Bob Schieffer of CBS News and hurling him at Senator Obama. A flailing Schieffer knocked Obama off his chair, and the two men fell to the ground. Obama sprang up, helped Schieffer to his feet and rather angrily asked McCain what it was he was doing. McCain giggled and chortled, muttering, “Gotcha,” over and over again. Mr. McCain was quickly escorted off the stage by campaign aides. A shaken but apparently unhurt Schieffer apologized to the crowd and pronounced the debate finished.

McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds was asked about the senator’s behavior. “You know, people said he was too timid in previous debates,” Bounds said. “Well, not tonight. This is how close to home the problems of the American people hit John McCain. He gets so angry, he picks up a legendary news anchor and hurls him at his opponent. That’s fire. That’s dedication.”