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Maverick McCain Orders Tuna Salad When Everyone Else is Getting Turkey

Sedona, AZ – Republican presidential candidate John McCain reinforced his image as a maverick during a trip to a local deli, when the Arizona senator ordered tuna salad, while everyone accompanying him opted for the turkey and avocado special.

“It was just a decision I made from my gut, based on what I believe in,” McCain said after leaving the deli. “I didn’t want turkey and avocado, and no matter what anyone else thought, I was going to order what I wanted. And what I wanted was tuna salad.” McCain was with a group of approximately 12 people, mostly members of his campaign staff. They came to the deli for lunch following a campaign meeting at McCain’s Sedona ranch. Cindy McCain did not join them, as she is not allowed to eat.

Patrons who witnessed McCain’s courageous ordering were awed. “You know, you hear about his reputation, him being this guy who’ll do the unpopular thing, the brave thing,” said 27-year-old Alex Drimmel, who was in line behind McCain and his party. “But to see it up close, in person, just this courage all over the place. I mean, wow. It was…it was palpable. The courage. And so was the tuna salad.”

Later in the day, the McCain campaign issued a statement which referenced the event at the deli. The statement pointedly challenged Democratic Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. “We wonder whether Senators Obama and Clinton would have had the courage, the confidence to make as bold a choice as Senator McCain made today. We think not. In fact, we’re fairly certain there would merely have been two more orders for the turkey and avocado special, had the two Democratic senators been in attendance.” The statement, written by McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds, went on to say, “These are the kind of bold choices Senator McCain is ready to make for this country. Turkey and avocado won’t get us back to where we need to be as a nation. Senator McCain knows that and is willing to make the better choice.”