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Illegal Immigrant Will Take Over as Host of ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’

A spokesman for CNN has confirmed that Luis Gonzalez, an immigrant who illegally crossed the border from Mexico into the United States in 2005, will take over the reigns as host of ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight,’ effective immediately. Mr. Dobbs told viewers during his Wednesday broadcast that it would be his last.

“We think Mr. Gonzalez will do a splendid job taking over for Lou Dobbs, though those are not easy shoes to fill,” said CNN spokesman Brad Longfrey. “Mr. Gonzalez knows the ins and outs of the immigration debate very well, being an illegal immigrant himself, and he has built up a large and loyal following on his internet radio program, ‘Luis in the Morning.’ We are very excited.”

Mr. Dobbs had no comment when reached at his office.

When asked why the show will retain the title ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ when Mr. Dobbs is no longer part of the show, Mr. Longfrey said, “It’s name recognition. Why build up a whole new name brand with Gonzalez, when you can have him come in and take advantage of all the hard work Mr. Dobbs has already done?”