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Hi! I’m Just Like You, Except I’m a Millionaire, a Senator and an ex-First Lady, and You’re None of Those Things

By Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hi, small-town America! You all probably know me by now. Or at least you know what you’ve seen on TV and read in the papers. But do you know the real me? The real person behind the public persona? I’m not sure many people do. So let me tell you straight out: I’m exactly the same as all of you. Except I have millions of dollars, I’m a U.S. Senator, and I’m a former First Lady. And you’re none of those things. But other than that, we’re exactly the same.

How are we the same, you may ask? Well, firstly, I love beer, just like you. I mostly love very cheap beer, in a can. The kind you can get a whole case of for under ten dollars. I also love to watch lots of Monday Night Football while I drink the beer I bought for under ten dollars. Monday Night Football or Nascar. Either one’ll do for me.

I also love guns. I adore them. In fact, I used to shoot them behind my grandfather’s shed, which he built himself. Have I mentioned that? I’m not sure I have. I love sheds. And grandfathers. I especially love sheds that grandfathers build themselves.

I love trucks, also. Big, huge trucks that eat up as much gas as an 18-wheeler and are jacked up real high. I love driving those. I like to drive those after I’ve shot a gun behind my grandpa’s shed, right before heading to the local liquor store and buying beer in a can that costs under ten dollars a case.

Oh, and I love church. And God. There’s nothing better, after a Saturday night drinking a ten-dollar case of beer, then driving a huge truck to the church and praying really hard. My faith is almost as strong as my love for guns and beer and trucks. In fact, it might just be stronger. My faith in God has seen me through some tough times. You? Yeah, I thought so. I thought we had that in common, too.

See? I love all the things that you love. I do all the things that you do. I feel the same way you do about this country. I’m just like you. Heck, I am you. So how can you not vote for me, when a vote for me is really a vote for you?