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New Head of Regulatory Agency Already Lining Up Jobs with Companies He’s Supposed to be Regulating

Washington – Joel Armansky, the newly-appointed Director of the Federal Pharmaceutical Compliance Commission, a governmental regulatory agency tasked with overseeing the activities of pharmaceutical companies, isn’t wasting any time lining up his next job, which he hopes will be with one of the companies who lead the industry he is tasked with regulating.

“I’ve spoken with almost all the major players,” Armansky said Friday. “Merck, Pfizer, you name it. I’m trying to see where the best opportunities are, after I leave my post here.”

Asked if there was a quid pro quo in place, or anything expected of him in return for the potential opportunity to advance his career, Armansky said, “No, not anything specific. I mean, obviously, I can’t regulate them or perform actual oversight. That’s a given. But I wasn’t planning on doing that, anyway.”