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Democrappic National Convention Night One – Henry “Mack Truck” Harvey

The Mack Truck discusses the opening night of the Democratic National Convention, specifically Ted Kennedy’s speech. A transcript follows the video.

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HENRY: Yes, this is The Henry “Mack Truck” Harvey Show. We’re talking about the Democrappic National Convention last night. Lots of Democratic crappiness went on.

First caller is Ed from Connecticut. Ed, go ahead.

CALLER: Yeah, I can’t agree with you here. I thought it was a really emotional night, very moving. I was very moved–

HENRY: Uh huh. Ed, did you cry?

CALLER: Maybe. Yeah, maybe. So…

HENRY: Yeah. Ed, let me ask you something. Are you a girl?

You know, Ed, I watched the speech – I watched all the speeches – and the only thing that moved for me were my bowels. So I can’t agree with you here. I wasn’t very impressed.

CALLER: You weren’t impressed with Ted Kennedy? The man has a brain tumor–

HENRY: Yeah, I know. I know the whole story – the brain tumor, the coming back, the whole thing. I know the whole story, and you know what? I’ve thought a lot about this. I don’t think that was him. I think that was Brian Dennehy playing him.

CALLER: You can’t be serious.

HENRY: Oh, I am serious. Have you seen Brian Dennehy? Have you seen him act? He’s amazing. He’s incredible. He could play me, and I would think he was me. I would be like, “Well, who the heck am I, if you’re me? ‘Cause clearly you’re me.” That’s how good he is. And this wouldn’t even be a stretch for him. He’s already a round, white-haired guy. All he’d have to do is throw on some glasses and get that stupid accent, and he’s Ted Kennedy.

CALLER: Oh, I think–I think you’re insane, if you believe that. You’re insane.

HENRY: Well, I think you’re insane for believing that that was Ted Kennedy when it was clearly Brian Dennehy.

Let me just add, I thought Brian Dennehy did an amazing job, as did Angela Bassett playing Michelle Obama. They both were wonderful.