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Congress Convenes Extra-Special Session

Washington – Congress today convened its first-ever Extra-Special Session. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi explained that these sessions are designed to deal with feelings and issues that would normally not be covered or addressed during Regular Sessions.

“People are extra-special,” Pelosi told a group of reporters on the steps of the Capitol building. “And their feelings are extra-special. Why shouldn’t they have an opportunity to discuss these extra-special feelings and issues with their fellow members of Congress? Well, from now on, they will have that opportunity. Congress today held its first Extra-Special Session, in which we discussed the inner pain felt by Minority Leader Boehner over the mispronouncing of his name, both by mistake and on purpose. I think Congressman Boehner would agree it was an unqualified success, and I will confirm that with him when he’s done sobbing, which he is currently doing in the men’s room.”