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Clinton Vows to Pretend to Fight Status Quo

Concord, NH – At a New Year’s Eve campaign stop in Concord, New Hampshire, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton vowed to, “Pretend to fight the status quo that exists in Washington. I know that’s what the people of America want, and I intend with every fiber of my being to act like I’m doing that.”

Clinton spoke in a town-hall meeting type environment at the Concord Veteran’s Hall. She spoke about health care, the war in Iraq, and the economy, but what seemed to stick out in the minds of people in attendance was Clinton’s pledge to pretend to fight the status quo. “You know, there’s an accepted way things are in Washington. There are rules. And these rules lock out the little man, the average, good-hearted, hard-working American. And I promise you that you’ll get a tough, committed mock fight out of me.” She then went on to make an analogy to a fistfight. “I wouldn’t be hitting it with fists,” she said. “I would maybe yell at it a bit. I may throw something at it from a distance, something light. Paper, maybe. A Dixie cup. But I’ll be loud, and I’ll be consistent, and though I may not mean it, I promise it will sound like I do.”

One man, an apparent veteran of the Korean War, yelled from the crowd, “So what are you saying? You’re not going to fight it? You’re telling us that now?”

“I’m trying to level with you here, and be honest with you, and tell you I won’t be being honest with you later. Just so you know. I think you deserve that much. And that’s the kind of person I am, and the kind of president I will be. Honest in dishonesty. Truthful in future untruth.”