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The National Protrusion is Sort of Liveblogging the ABC New Hampshire Debates

I’m trying this out. I’ve never live-blogged before, so you may have to bear with me. And it’s also not really live, it’s just live on the West Coast. Anyway, I started tuning into the Republicans at about 7:30 PM Pacific time. So I missed some of it, but I’m sure there was lots of assurances that we’re all going to die due to Islamo-extremo-fascism jihadness, unless we elect whichever Republican is speaking at the time.

7:45 PM (Pacific) – Fred Thompson is insane. He also might already be dead. I’m not sure.

8:05 PM – God sure comes up a lot with the Republicans. Does God believe in preemptive strikes?

8:10 PM – Giuliani just gave an answer without mentioning 9/11. He’ll probably mention it ten times next round to make up for it.