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Bin Laden Email to Rice About Attacks Caught in Spam Folder

Washington – The Protrusion has obtained a copy of an email allegedly sent from Osama Bin Laden to Condoleezza Rice a week before the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

“It was from my Yahoo account,” Bin Laden said by telephone. “I don’t know what happened. I never heard back, nothing. I think it must have been put in her spam folder by mistake. I think Hotmail does that a lot.”

The bombshell comes on top of the recent declassification of 52 warnings regarding Al Qaeda, some of which cautioned against the specific tactic of suicidal airplane hijackings, and the discovery of a memo written eight months before the 9/11 attacks by then counter-terrorism adviser Richard Clarke urging Rice to hold a high-level meeting regarding Al Qaeda.

The email was forwarded to The Protrusion by Mr. Bin Laden’s assistants. No date appears anywhere, but we trust the notorious terrorist when he tells us it’s authentic.

Text version of the email below. Note: no changes have been made to correct spelling or grammar. You can view a screenshot of the email at the bottom of the page.



Subject: I’ll be attacking this Tuesday…


Osama here. Just wanted to drop you a line and give you a head’s-up about an attack we’re planning for this Tuesday, September 11th. (9-1-1, get it?) Make sure to get your people out of the Pentagon, the capitol building or whatever it’s called, and the twin towers in New York. And please don’t take this attack personally. You or George or Donnie. I don’t want to damage our relationship, but my people are demanding action, and I gotta deliver. I may email Donnie as well. Is he still donnierumrum@hotmail? Let me know if not. Okay, talk soon. Take care, infidel.

Osama B.L.

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