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Administration Confidence in Awe, Shock Still High

Washington – The Bush administration isn’t ready to give up on the nouns “awe” and “shock,” even while admitting the words have not lived up to initial administration expectations.

With elections in Iraq just a day away, a new poll of administration officials finds confidence in the nouns holding steady at a robust 88%. The findings reflect a 12% dip in confidence since March of 2003, when confidence in the words was at 100% going into the war with Iraq.

When asked if Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who first relied on the words to describe the coming display or American military prowess, might go out on a limb and use the versatile “shock” as a verb anytime in the near future, White House spokesman Scott McClellan bristled. “Now that is just a typical liberal media question,” he snapped, ending the press briefing.