Bowl Was Probably Microwave Safe

Bowl Probably Microwave Safe

You’re a single guy living in a studio apartment who told himself that the bowl he had just used to heat up his soup in the microwave was “most likely microwave safe. Pretty sure. There’s a good chance.”

You had to hold up the bowl after taking it out of the microwave, which was a bit tricky given that it was filled with now-hot soup. A lot of times bowls and plates say whether they’re microwave and/or dishwasher safe on the bottom. But not this one. There was no indication one way or the other about whether or not it was microwave safe.

You sighed, thought about it some more. “No one makes a bowl that isn’t microwave safe anymore, right?” you asked yourself. “I mean, it’s 2016.”

You stared at the soup some more. Stirred it a little. It was getting to be just the right temperature to eat. But should you? Was it safe?

“It’s fine,” you said, as you sucked in your first spoonful. And then another. And another.

After a few minutes, the bowl was empty and you stared into it, a ring of soup having collected around the inside. You could be heard whispering to himself, “Had to be.”

March 22nd, 2016 by